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Catchmaster is a world renowned manufacturer of a wide array of the best mouse traps, best fly traps, and best home pest traps on the market. From glue mouse traps to traps that can capture several mice at once. Even better, a number of these traps are more than just how to catch a mouse. These traps can capture other pests. Bugs, snakes, rats, and anything else that crosses the sticky path of these glue mouse traps do not stand a chance against them. 

Showcasing the diverse and effective variety of pest management devices we offer is our newly updated website. The site is a fantastic way to find the exact pest management device that is right for you. There are a wealth of innovative options no matter what the breed and scope of infestation you are currently facing. 

To us, presenting consumers with effective ways to handle an infestation is a whole lot bigger than merely trying to mitigate the pests themselves. It is about protecting families, pets, and house guests from diseases and bacteria created by these animals. It is about assuaging the fears of people who simply get creeped out by the creepy and crawlier aspects of the animal kingdom. It is about keeping people safe happy and comfortable. This is a vital resource for people looking to protect their assets and the people who use them! 

Thank you for following this blog with us throughout the years. We hope that Catchmaster's NEW BLOG serves you even better!

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Have a Sanitary Thanksgiving!

As the holidays approach, many of us are planning to prepare a lot of food for numerous guests. When preparing large meals, many of us can cut corners in ways that are not normal. Surface areas might be doused with turkey gravy or vegetable oil. Food might fall to the floor and be left there until you are finished stirring the soup or basting the bird. Of course, as television personality and culinary expert Anthony Bordain once said, "I'd never let a little dirt ruin a good meal." The same can be said of the inevitable mess of cooking. Still, a little mess is a lot different than an unsanitary food prep environment, and that is why getting any lingering pest situation handled before Thanksgiving is so important.

Whether we are talking about flies or mice, the presence of pests is more than just a momentary inconvenience or a little bit of lovingly acquired grime. Pests spread diseases, and their presence can turn a big family meal into a family heath crisis. By spreading germs on any surface they touch, both of these beasts can become a real problem for a high-quality dinner.

With disposable fly traps placed anywhere your home might be vulnerable to a fly invasion, you can take a huge bite out of these critters. With the winter setting in, they will be fleeing into homes to try and survive the cold. Don't allow them to make your home their winter nest. Even if your home is unlikely to incur an infestation, some preparation—in the form of pre-ordering disposable fly traps—can be helpful.

Mice can also ruin Thanksgiving. Not only do they spread diseases through their feces and saliva, they will also dine on any foods they can get their hands on. Before you know it, an entire holiday feast can be compromised, costing you hundreds of dollars and creating more than a little disappointment. Glue mouse traps are really a necessity to have on hand for anyone who owns a home. Does that cover just about everyone? 

Keeping the kitchen sanitary is not the meticulous practice it may sound like. Instead, merely keeping food safe to eat can give your holiday the genuine feel of hominess without the risk of dysentery. Some sticky mousetraps or a fly trap is not much of an expense when you are assuring your Turkey Day goes off without a hitch.
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Halloween Candy Safety and Pests

With Halloween an immediate concern and the holidays in general looming nearby, many of us have sweets and treats on our minds. A pleasant bowl of "fun size" chocolate bars on a coffee table, some candy corn placed in the guest room, and perhaps a plate of pumpkin-shaped cookies in the kitchen can all play a pleasant part in holiday celebrations. These treats might also attract a few pesky critters. Rodents and bugs love sweets, and it's hard to blame them.

If you want to have your candy out and eat it too, you have to be vigilant in keeping pests out of your home. Obviously you should always be vigilant in this capacity, but with all of these tempting treats around, you might have to keep a closer eye out. Leave a sticky mouse trap around just in case. By merely touching your snacks, a mouse or bug can spread an unseemly amount of ailments and diseases to you, your family, or house guests. 

Whenever a fly lands on a surface, it excretes waste. This means that if a fly lands on that bowl of candy corn, the bowl has now been exposed to fly feces. Keeping fly-killing disposable fly traps is indispensable. Similarly, as a mouse makes its way around your home, it excretes feces without regard for your family's food. More worrisome still is that a mouse chewing through that Snickers wrapper is sure to leave remnants of saliva on the candy. If you aren't careful, you might find yourself biting into the same section of a candy bar that a mouse did, and that is quite simply disgusting.

Here are some ideas to safely present family and friends with snacks without inviting a menagerie of wildlife to snack as well. Keep snacks covered as best as possible. Dishes with glass lids are great for keeping pests out. Only purchase individually wrapped treats. While a mouse might tear through some wrappers, it might not even know food is there if the food remains packaged. 

Buying sticky mouse traps and disposable fly traps is always a good idea. No one wants their Halloween ruined by spooky exterminators coming in to fumigate your home. Keep food and your family safe with help from these excellent tools.
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Do Not Let Flies Hibernate in Your Home, Purchase Disposable Fly Traps Now!

Winter is nigh. The days are getting shorter and the temperature is plummeting. As we scatter back home earlier to cuddle up with a bowl of soup and the new fall TV series, flies are attempting to find some place to endure the long, cold winter. Whether you think so or not, your home is a place that flies might land and attempt to make their home, and the home for their thousands of relatives, for the next few months. You need to prepare, and purchasing disposable fly traps is a great place to start. Whether you see the bugs now or not, this is a "better safe than sorry" situation.

It is hard to be mad at flies and other insects whose bodies are telling them, with increasing urgency, to find warmth. This is the natural state of things. Just as bears make their way to deep caves for a long winter of rest, flies make their way to any warm nook they can find. The difference is that once in your home, flies can continue on a consistent clip of activity. With no shortage of garbage to eat, they can breed all winter long and inhabit your home in ways that are disturbingly pervasive. Your only chance to stifle this possibility is often some form of disposable fly trap. Sprays are often ineffective, exterminators are expensive, and ignoring the problem is tantamount surrender.

Keeping your home tidy can only go so far. Unlike in warm months, flies are not rushing towards your home only when they smell a viable food source. These creeps are simply looking for a warm place to save them from the stifling winter. Disposable fly traps allow you to collect and dispose of these flies quickly. Once you get the problem under control, you can keep some extra traps in case there is another infestation. These disposable fly traps are an inexpensive solution to the problem.

Do not settle for flies doing the backstroke in your warm soup. Do not be okay with flies breeding in your walls. Do not accept that fly waste will be scattered across your countertops in ways you cannot even see. Allow disposable fly traps to handle the problem so you can keep warm this winter in peace and in good health. Flies are going to have to find someplace else to hide.

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Cute Mice, the Plague and Glue Mouse Traps

Rodents are often depicted as adorable and not the least bit threatening in films and cartoons. From Mickey Mouse to Ratatouille, there is a pop-cultural predilection for being bewildered by the overwhelming adorableness of these critters. It is easy to see why when you see cultures' most beloved mice and rats. They are fuzzy, funny and often wise beyond their species.

Even if how cute these cartoon mice were had no bearing on how we saw these creatures, we would still have the wide array of cute photography of actual mice all over the Internet to contend with. The truth is mice, and even rats, can sometimes be quite cute. The larger, more important and far scarier truth, however, is that Mickey Mouse is probably infested with a wide array of diseases he would be happy to defecate all over your kitchen counter without hesitation. This is why effective glue mouse traps are so important.

Sticky mouse traps are an effective way of curbing a nascent infestation without calling in an exterminator. It is important to do this because considering how quickly mice reproduce, you could find yourself at ground zero of a potential Bubonic plague outbreak in no time at all. Am I being an alarmist? No.

The Bubonic plague came from fleas who transmitted it to mice and rats. While the 25 million people killed by the Bubonic plague in the 14th century were an outlier, the disease does still pop up from time to time and is almost always traced back to rodents carrying it. Still hesitant to buy those glue mouse traps?

If you remain skeptical of the health concerns surrounding mice, then allow us to scale back the worry of plague specifically in favor of more common modern diseases. Mice can be linked to spreading salmonella poisoning and a wide array of other diseases that are usually transmitted by their feces getting into people's food or beverages. Mice evacuate their bowels without any sort of concern being paid to where or when. The results are contaminated countertops, floors, tables and any other surface in a person's home.

This all being said, Speedy Gonzalez, Mickey, Minnie, Feivel and the rest of their ilk remain adorable. Even the disease-spreading mice of the plague probably had a certain charm. It is simply not worth risking your own, or your family's, health for that charm. Have some sticky mouse traps ready for an infestation and remain aware of what might be crawling around your home.
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Managing Pests During the Summer with Disposable Fly Traps

disposable fly traps
"Summertime and the living is easy," the old song goes, and for many of us it rings true. While we may languish a bit in oppressive heat, we also enjoy a wide array of activities that are inviting and unique to the summer. There are outdoor cookouts perfect for entertaining the family, friends and neighbors. You can swim in the pool for hours on end, avoiding the heat but not the powerfully tanning sun.

Of course these and all manner of outdoor fun can be stifled by the summer's uninvited guests: bugs. Whether that brisket smoking on the grill is inviting flies or your delicious skin is welcoming mosquitoes, you have to be able to manage bugs during your outdoor activities in the summer. That might mean bug spray and citronella candles for avoidance sake, but it should also include disposable fly traps to take the problem on a little more head on. 

During outdoor meals, disposable fly traps can be placed in areas away from the food to assure that bugs are not landing on the food you happen to be eating. This is not a small job. Each and every time a fly lands anywhere it dispenses its waste. This means any item of food a fly lands on has microscopic bits of fly feces. While that might seem insignificant, even small amounts of bacteria can make humans and pets incredibly sick. By killing the flies, you can assure the safety of your food, though you might still want to invest in covers for dishes that will be sitting outside.

As far as the pool goes, flies and other bugs can become a persistent issue when trying to keep the pool clean and the water safe to swim. Again the same truth of flies carrying diseased-bacteria rings true. If those dead flies that float on the top of your pool get into kids' mouths, they could become quite ill. Not to mention, it is gross. With disposable fly traps strewn around the pool, you can significantly limit the amount of bugs that make their way into your swimming water and make getting rid of the dead flies significantly easier.

Whether you own a pool, plan on having cookouts or just intend to leave your home this summer, disposable fly traps are a must have. They will allow you to live comfortably and disease-free.
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The Ratcatcher

The Ratcatcher is a fictional character is DC’s Batman comics. Originally named Otis Flannegan, he was once an exterminator, until he went crazy and developed the ability to talk to rats. Once a catchmaster, when free he runs through the sewers of Gotham City, herding his “ratties” and using them to wreak havoc upon an innocent population.

The Ratcatcher’s ability to herd rats and relay messages through Blackgate prison’s ventilation ducts makes him one of Batman’s enemies who can still cause destruction and problems from behind prison walls.

Although he used to be a catchmaster, the Ratcatcher is a character who values rodent life more than human life and he carries a cyanide gun when he sees his pets struggle. Not too difficult to see just how crazy this character is, eh?

Don’t go crazy like the Ratcatcher. Rodents, as carriers of disease, can easily infect a human with a bite, that’s part of why Batman has to keep the Ratcatcher behind bars. Use sticky mouse traps or humane mouse traps to rid your home of pesky rodents and the potential for disease. Not only will you feel a lot safer, but your home will be less susceptible to infestations in the future. Read More!